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The use of Borax
Borax also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate or disodium tetraborate is an important boron compound, a mineral and a salt of boric acid. Borax has a wide variety of uses; it is a component in many detergents cosmetics and animal classes. Borax powder is made from the natural occurring minerals, sodium borate which is formed from repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes containing anhydrous borax, borax acid, sodium oxide and chloride. In 10th century borax was used in China for ceramic glazes, borax is also used as emulsifier, water softener and fizzing agent and to minimize ash and smoke often found in home made candles. In the glass industry glass helps in transparency and heat resistance and borax is also common used in making of the shellac. Borax has antiseptic and emulsifying properties. It is believed that the borax diluted in solvent and mixed with shellac (natural polymer) is active as a cross linking agent as it improves the properties of shellac. Borax also acts as tackifier ingredients between the organic compounds and the natural organic matter within the coating. Borax is known as a tackifier ingredient. The use of borax in combination with shellac has been used in the past to make indelible ink for dip pens. In this invention borax is used as a fire retardant, tackifieing agent, cross linker, anti fungul/texturizing agent and to increase the heat stability of the N.O.M coatings. The borax type used has a melting point of 743° C which is beneficial for increasing the heat resistance of the coatings. Due to the multi features of borax especially flame retardancy, emulsifying properties and heat stability and the fact that borax dissolves very easily in water which provides a natural slip and soft surface when this organic hair is exposed to water. Borax is one of the many important ingredients within the coatings being not a natural organic matter but a natural organic salt.
use of Borax
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